Strategic Roadmap Development for Lanamed Pharmaceuticals' Expansion into the Food and Beverages Sector in Ethiopia

In March 2024, Afro Impact Hub entered into a contractual agreement with Lanamed Pharmaceuticals Import and Distribution PLC to meticulously craft a comprehensive strategic roadmap, encompassing detailed market analyses, financial projections, operational frameworks, and risk mitigation strategies for their ambitious venture into the burgeoning Food and Beverages sector within Ethiopia. This collaborative endeavor underscores Afro Impact Hub's profound acumen in synthesizing intricate business frameworks and leveraging cutting-edge methodologies to empower enterprises in navigating complex market landscapes. Embracing this consultancy opportunity with Lanamed Pharmaceuticals epitomizes Afro Impact Hub's unwavering commitment to catalyzing sustainable growth and fostering innovation within Ethiopia's dynamic economic ecosystem. Lanamed Pharmaceuticals — For Quality Health | Strong Partner You Can rely On

Empowering Women Entrepreneurship and Enterprize Development: Afro Impact HUB's Partnership with WEDEP

Afro Impact HUB has forged a strong and enduring partnership with Women Entrepreneurship Development (WEDEP), a leading institute dedicated to advancing women's entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. WEDEP's Women's Enterprise Development Project (WEDP) has emerged as an initiative, demonstrating a successful model for providing financial support and business training to women entrepreneurs. Afro Impact HUB has collaborated with WEDEP since early 2021 to evaluate governmental and non-governmental programs, particularly focusing on Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB). Recently, this partnership has expanded to include the provision of high-quality training programs designed to enhance the business skills of women entrepreneurs. Through these initiatives, Afro Impact HUB and WEDEP are working together to empower women entrepreneurs and drive sustainable growth in Ethiopia's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP) – WEDP is a project providing training and credit to micro and small enterprises owned or partly owned by the participating female entrepreneurs (

Enabling the Youth through Behavioral Education: Afro Impact Hub's Collaboration with Triggerize Ethiopia

Afro Impact Hub is collaborating with Triggerize Ethiopia to delve into empowerment programs utilizing behavioral education methodologies, such as life skills training. This partnership signifies a concerted effort to empower individuals through innovative approaches that prioritize behavioral change and skill development. By leveraging behavioral education techniques, Afro Impact Hub and Triggerize Ethiopia aim to equip participants with essential life skills, fostering personal growth and empowerment within communities. Together, they are pioneering initiatives that transcend traditional models of education, offering a transformative learning experience that has the potential to positively impact individuals' lives and contribute to broader societal advancement.

Expanding Digital Connectivity: Afro Impact HUB's Partnership with Ethio Telecom


Afro Impact HUB has joined forces with the Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation in a strategic collaboration aimed at distributing Ethio telecom products, including SIM cards, card vouchers, and Telebirr—the nation's leading mobile payment system. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Afro Impact HUB ascends to the status of one of Ethio Telecom's Master agents, assuming responsibility for overseeing three Ethio Telecom franchise shops. Moreover, in a testament to its expertise and credibility in the digital realm, Afro Impact HUB has been chosen to participate in Ethiopia's national digital identification registration system. This expansion into digital connectivity underscores Afro Impact HUB's commitment to facilitating access to telecommunications services and fostering technological advancement across Ethiopia.