Who we are


  • Welcome to Afro Impact HUB Training and Consulting Firm, established in March 2018 and based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We provide top-tier training, consulting, and research services to individuals, government bodies, and NGOs, focusing on socioeconomic development and program assessment.
  • At Afro Impact HUB, we are committed to excellence and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Partner with us to access valuable insights, make informed decisions, and maximize the impact of your initiatives. 
  • Our expert team combines extensive national and international experience to deliver exceptional consultancy, training, research, and impact evaluation services. We conduct thorough research, comprehensive impact evaluations, and analyze socioeconomic factors to create evidence-based strategies for sustainable development.


"We look forward to collaborating with you to drive positive change in the communities we serve!"


Core Management Team


Helina Tsegaye

Managing Director 

  • Helina Tsegaye is the Founder and Managing Director of Afro Impact HUB. She is UNCTAD-Empretec Trainer, BDS Provider, International and National Certified Management Consultant, and Women Economic Empowerment Coach. With over 18 years of experience in training, consulting, and community service, Helina has dedicated her career to creating impactful change.  At Afro Impact HUB, she has developed and delivered more than 50 training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Her leadership has been pivotal in building a vibrant community that promotes sustainable business practices and social impact. Prior to founding Afro Impact HUB, Helina worked in various national and international organizations. She provided professional and community services to refugees under the International Rescue Committee. As the General Manager at the Amhara Women’s Anti-Fistula Association, she managed strategic planning, financial management, and program coordination. At the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, she led community-based disaster risk reduction projects and oversaw branch operations of the North Gondar Zone, covering over 30 districts. Helina was an extralegal researcher at the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD). She had led Development programs at Care International and Food for the Hungry International. Helina holds BA in Economics and MSc in Development Economics. She continues to foster collaboration and initiatives that contribute to social progress and sustainable development.                                                                                                       Helina Tsegaye Ayele | LinkedIn

Gashaw Ayele

                           Research Director                          

  • Gashaw Ayele holds a Master in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University, an MA in International and Development Economics from HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin, a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Addis Ababa University, and a BA in Economics from the University of Gondar. Gashaw worked for several organizations in different capacities. Most notable is his decade long research fellowship role at the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) involved collaborating with organizations such as the African Union, African Capacity Building Foundation, UNECA, and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). He conducted studies on Trade and investment, public finance and taxation, microfinance, child education and health, poverty, and inequality.  He possesses skills in statistical modeling in areas of causal inferences and predictions, such as program impact evaluations, forecasting and predictive modeling utilizing high dimensional data. Gashaw is skilled in diverse software packages including Python, R, STATA, EViews, SPSS, Java, C++, C and SQL.  His proficiency in data analysis, program management, and research communication is evident in his work (‪Gashaw Ayele‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬). Gashaw's ability to translate complex research findings into actionable insights make him a valuable asset to Afro Impact HUB.                                                           Gashaw Ayele | LinkedIn

Tefera Mekonnen

   Monitoring & Evaluation Adviso 

  • Tefera Mekonnen is a Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Manager at Global Communities’ Yemen Office and serves as a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor at Afro Impact HUB. He has extensive experience working in humanitarian contexts in different countries, including Ethiopia, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, and Ukraine for the past fifteen years.

    Tefera has also worked with various international organizations such as CARE, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, and Action Aid. Throughout his career, he has held several key positions including Country MEAL Advisor, Manager, Program Quality Coordinator, and Senior MEL Manager.

    Tefera holds a B.Sc. degree in agricultural extension and M.Sc in rural development from Haramaya University (formerly called Alemaya University). His areas of expertise encompass monitoring and evaluation, program quality coordination, and humanitarian response in complex settings.

    At Afro Impact HUB, Tefera leverages his extensive field experience and technical skills to provide strategic guidance on monitoring and evaluation frameworks, ensuring robust assessment and impact measurement of development projects.